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Genoa Lounge Suite

Terms Monthly Weekly
18 mths: $154.00 $$38.50
24 mths: $116.00 $29.00
30 mths: $96.00 $24.00
36 mths: $84.00 $21.00
Product Code: Genoa

Indulge your senses with the Genoa collection

The Genoa suite is wrapped in luxurious Rhino Suede, a material that feels like a suede - soft and inviting yet with the durability, scratch and stain resistance like a fabric. A beautiful material for a satisfying sitting experience. 

With four recliners eager to please you and your friends, you can’t go pass the Genoa when considering buying your next sofa.
The Genoa’s seat cushions come with a generous filling of high density foam with whopping 30cm thickness to ensure you have that firm yet extremely comfortable seating experience. 

Genoa frame construction is made of pinewood enforced with LVL lamination for long term wear.

* Image is not reflective of actual product.


  • 4 x reclining actions.
  • Sprung seat cushions to reduce the “sinking” feeling when sitting down
  • High back-deep seating for maximum back comfort
  • Solid timber and ply construction for durability


Technical Specifications

Height (m) 1.0400
Length (m) 1.5600
Width (m) 0.9400
Weight (Kg) 0.0000

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