LG 7.5Kg Top Load Washing Machine WTG7520

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Brand: LG Electronics
Product Code: WTG7520
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Transforming the washing experience, LG WTG7520 7.5kg top load washing machine makes washing clothes a smart and convenient task of the day. Equipped with the Smart Inverter Control system, the WTG7520 washer makes sure that the speed and direction of the washing machine are controlled properly for a quality washing experience. The Turbo Drum mechanism further enhances washer efficiency by rotating the drum in the opposite direction of the water. The no agitator technology of the top load washer eliminates all need for any kind of manual actions.

Providing a top-notch solution for getting rid of stubborn stains, the LG washing machine offers a pre-soak + pre-wash combo which makes sure that stains are removed without damaging the fabric. Multiple water outlets of the 7.5 kg washer minimise the detergent residue. The control panel of the machine is positioned on the front for the convenience of the users. The smart diagnosis system troubleshoots the problem with the help of your smartphones after connecting to the LG ThinQ app eradicating the need for technician call outs.


  • Smart Inverter Control: Making sure you get a perfect wash every time, the Smart inverter technology of this LG washing machine controls the speed and direction of the wash properly so that the wash cycle is stable and low vibrations are produced.
  • Turbo Drum Feature: WTG7520 washing machine from LF features a Turbo Drum function which rotates the drum containing clothes in the opposite direction of the water which improves washing action.
  • No Detergent Residue: Multiple water outlets are installed in the efficient washing machine for a thorough rinse. This reduces detergent residue and saves clothes from damaging.
  • Easy Controls: The control panel of the 7.5kg washing machine is installed on the front of the machine which makes it more convenient for the users to operate the machine.
  • Smart Troubleshooting: LG ThinQ app can be used to troubleshoot all the technical glitches right from your smartphone. The Smart diagnosis feature eliminates the need to call out technicians and save precious resources as well. 

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