Balmain 2 Seater + 3 Seater Chaise - Graphite

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The Balmain two seater plus three seater with chaise upholstered in the simple yet luxurious plush air fabric is the perfect addition to your living space as it incorporates comfort and durability.

The suite option allows you the flexibility of two pieces so that you can easily manipulate your living area to complement your home, all while the chaise option is providing you with the relaxation and comfort that is sure to be welcoming after a long day!


  • Upholstered in the luxuriously simple Plush Air fabric 
  • Low comfortable arms and high back for you to rest easy after a long day 
  • Conveniently located console in the three seater chaise providing you with cup holders and a storage compartment

Please note colour in the image is not a good indication of correct colour. The correct colour is closer to chocolate brown. Please ask for colour samples. 

Technical Specifications

Height (m) 1.0500
Length (m) 2.4700
Width (m) 0.9500
Weight (Kg) 235.0000

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