Dyson 301985-01 AM06 Desk Fan Black / Nickel

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Brand: Dyson
Product Code: 301985-01
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Dyson is known the world over for their unique design and cutting-edge technology. The original Dyson G-force vacuum challenged the standard design of vacuums before it and set a new standard for cleaning. In the exact same way, Dyson have challenged the standard design and technology of fans, to make them safer, more powerful, and better looking.

The hidden blade design of this Dyson fan allows you to place this unit near children and pets without risk of injury. All moving components are tucked deep into the body of the fan so that you get clean powerful airflow at the touch of a button. The provided remote control allows you to operate this fan through 10 precise airflow settings.

Clever design allows this Dyson to emit a consistent, uninterrupted stream of high-velocity air. More air doesn’t mean more noise though - Dyson have designed this unit to be quieter in operation, and thanks the Helmholtz cavity – a silencing cavity – sound is captured and dissipated quietly.

  • Brand
  • Model Number
  • Finish Colour
  • Height (mm)
    550 mm
  • Width (mm)
    300 mm
  • Depth (mm)
    147 mm
  • Warranty
    2 Years

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