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Desktop Computers
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HP Business Desktop ProDesk 600 G4 Desktop Computer  + 23" MONITOR + BONUS NORTON
Available in a Bun..
Terms Monthly Weekly
18 mths: N/A N/A
24 mths: $116.00 $29.00
30 mths: $98.00 $24.50
36 mths: $86.00 $21.50
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PRODESK 600 + 23" Monitor + Bonus Norton Anti Virus
PRODESK 600 G4 SFF i7-8700 8GB(DDR4-2666) 1TB(HDD) DVD-WRITER KB AND MOUSE Win 10 Pro 3/3/3 YEAR WAR..
Terms Monthly Weekly
18 mths: N/A N/A
24 mths: $138.00 $34.50
30 mths: $116.00 $29.00
36 mths: $102.00 $25.50
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Canon Pixma All In 1
Canon Pixma All In 1 PRINT... COPY... SCAN... An everyday all-in-one photo printer that reall..
Terms Monthly Weekly
18 mths: $9.00 $2.25
24 mths: $7.00 $1.75
30 mths: $6.00 $1.50
36 mths: $5.00 $1.25
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Samsung 27" Curved Monitor LIMITED TIME ONLY
Samsung 27" Curved Monitor Overview 27" Curved Monitor with a 19 ° curvature for..
Terms Monthly Weekly
18 mths: $48.00 $12.00
24 mths: N/A N/A
30 mths: N/A N/A
36 mths: N/A N/A


Rent to Buy Computers

There is no second guessing the need for a computer these days. It helps us get in touch with all the aspects of the outside world from the comfort of our homes. However, buying a new computer such as a laptop or a notebook could require a hefty sum of money.

At 1300 Rent Buy, we understand the rising need for computers and are happy to tell you about our rent to buy computers. Under the Computers Rent to Own range we have some of the most efficient notebooks and tablets available for hire. We even provide mobile broadband devices and Microsoft office suites to keep you ready for work anywhere and at any time.

What does Computers Rent to Own mean?

Rent buy computers is a plan that enables our customers to use a computer for the lease period at a fixed weekly/monthly/fortnightly price. At the end of the lease period the customer can make us an offer to purchase the computer for as little as $1.

What are some advantages of Rent to Buy Computers?

Do the computers come with a warranty?

All the new products at 1300 Rent Buy come with a complete manufacturer’s warranty. We take care of your warranty within the contract/lease period. You can even purchase an extended manufacturer’s warranty at the time of beginning the contract period.

To know about the best Rent to Buy Computer options for you visit our webpage at or give us a call on1300 888 109 or email 24 hours at


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