LG A9 Powerful Cordless Handstick with AEROSCIENCE™ Technology

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Brand: Dyson
Product Code: A9NEOMULTI
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LG A9 Cordless Powerful Cordless Handstick with AEROSCIENCE™ Technology

With a Smart Inverter motor and multiple included cleaning accessories, the LG A9 Neo Multi Handstick Vacuum Cleaner makes it easy for you to get rid of dirt, dust, pet dander, and debris on your floors.

Key Features
  • Utilises Axial Turbo Cyclone technology to pick up dirt from floors and various surfaces at a rate of up to 140W (in turbo mode)
  • Includes various accessories, such as a multi-surface power drive nozzle, a hard floor nozzle, a combination tool, a crevice tool, and a handy tool kit to adapt to different cleaning demands
  • Features a 5-step filtration system to efficiently capture dust, dirt, and debris
  • Has easily removable washable filters for easy maintenance
  • 0.44L capacity dust bin minimises the need for frequent emptying

What's In The Box?

• 1x Spare Filter • 1x Charging station wall mountable or free standing • 1x Multi Surface Nozzle • 1x Hard Floor Head • 1x Combination Tool • 1x Crevice Tool • 2x Batteries • 1xHandy Tool Kit



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