LG 60" Smart TV + Bonus Sound Bar

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Brand: LG Electronics
Product Code: 60UJ654T & SH2

LG 60” TV + Bonus Sound Bar


Package Includes:

1x LG 60 inch TV - 60UJ654T

1x LG Sound Bar - SH2



This LG TV has a 60-inch screen, so you can keep viewing intently without tiring your vision. It has an LED LCD display. Also, the LG 60UJ654T's smart TV capabilities enable you to log-in to streaming media services. It features Ultra HD video. You can discern vivid details in video images with the 60UJ654T TV's 3,840 x 2,160 pixel screen resolution. Plus, it features four HDMI inputs, so you can watch high-definition images by connecting other devices. The 60UJ654T has a USB connection and a 1 year warranty. You can pair with a compatible DVD player and sound system with this LG television.


Sound Bar:

ASC (Adaptive Sound Control)

Auto Sound Engine

Bluetooth Stand-by

TV Sound Sync

Best TV Match 40"+

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