MF-4000 with 90KG Weight Package

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Brand: Lifespan Fitness
Product Code: Weight Package
Availability: In Stock

MF-4000 with 120KG Weight Package



- Huge range of exercises that will target your entire body 

- Comfort Padded Seat Pad (rated to 150kg) 

- Safety Spot Bars (rated to 100kg) 

- Extendable and Reversible Barbell Holder (rated to 120kg) 

- Fully Adjustable Barbell Hooks (100kg) 

- Adjustable Leg Hooks



6x 10kg Cast Iron Weight Plates 

4x 5kg Cast Iron Weight Plates 

6x 2.5kg Cast Iron Weight Plates

4x 1.25kg Cast Iron Weight Plates

1x 6ft Standard Barbell

2x Standard Dumbbells

1x Standard Ez Curl Bar


Occupancy Size - 127cm x 117cm x 172cm (L x W x H)

Packaging Size - 127cm x 49.5cm x 20.1cm (L x W x H)

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