TCL Series P 60 inch P4 QUHD Android TV BONUS 32inch TV

Terms Monthly Weekly
18 mths: 160.00 40.00
24 mths: 127.00 31.75
30 mths: 107.00 26.75
36 mths: 94.00 23.50
Product Code: 60P4US

Series P 60 inch P4 QUHD Android TV with BONUS 32 inch TV


  • TCL 60 Ultra HD 4k Android TV
  • - Android N Operating System
  • - Quad Core PCU
  • - USB PVR Function with Timeshift
  • - Built in Chromecast
  • - Netflix/Stan//Freeview Plus
  • - Google Play Store
  • - Dual Band WiFi
  • - UHS USB Media Player
  • - Bluetooth Connectivity
  • - 4 x HDMI and 2 x USB

BONUS Series S 32 inch S6000 Full HD Smart TV

  • TCL Smart TV

    The built-in smart TV features mean that you’ll be able to watch Netflix, Freeview+ and much more without having to connect extra devices to your TV. The Wireless connectivity means you’ll stream TV shows and movies right from your couch using your internet at home.

  • Smart PVR

    Thanks to the built-in smart Personal Video Recorder (PVR), you’ll be able to program your TV to record your favorite shows from the episode guide so you’ll never miss a thing again.

  • Smaller Size TV

    Perfect for smaller rooms, bedrooms, and caravans this TV is a great extra companion. Wall mounting means you can place it wherever you want and with its small size this TV is perfect for your kitchen. Designed to complement a smaller space and not overwhelm it.

  • Quick Multitasking

    Thanks to the gutsy Quad and Dual core GPU/CPU, this TV works quick and without lag. That means you’ll see all the details in movies and sports. This also mean quicker load times when changing the channel and using smart features like Netflix.

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