Southern Cross Stoneware & Clay Sandstone 12L Water Purifier + Fluoride Plus Filter. ONLY $19 per week on a 6 month rental contract

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Southern Cross Stoneware & Clay Sandstone 12L Water Purifier + Fluoride Plus Filter


Handmade from stoneware clay and fired to 1305 degrees celsius this purifier has been glazed using non-toxic materials and is the perfect container for storing water.


The large water purifiers come with a separate ceramic stand and holds overall approximately 12 litres . The inverted bell housing the filter sits at the top of the purifier and holds about 3 litres so that any given time about 9 litres can be accessed from the tap at the bottom. The large purifier is approximately 260 mm wide and 550 mm high including the ceramic stand.


SCP FLuoride Plus™ is imported from England and is an all in one filter that removes virtually all impurities including chlorine and fluoride and last up to 12 months, please see SCP FLUORIDE PLUS™ for more information. This filter removes far more impurities than the Royal Doulton filter! As this filter is only 5 inches long it will fit all purifiers manufactured by Southern Cross Pottery as well as most other brands of gravity filtration systems including Durand, Waterco, Australis, Stefani and Pozzani. SCP FLuoride Plus



Water purifier dimensions - Approximately 56cm high x 26cm wide (handmade so sizes may vary slightly)


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