Teco Laundry Package - Washer & Dryer

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Brand: Teco
Product Code: TWM95TBM & TCD70ASA

Teco Laundry Package - Washer & Dryer




- Teco 9.5kg Top Load Washing Machine - TWM95TBM

Auto Power Off

Detergent Dispenser

Auto Unbalance Sensor

6 Wash Programs


Dimensions (mm):
    H: 1015 W: 601 D: 625
    Weight : 45kg




- Teco 7kg Auto Sensing Vented Dryer - TCD70ASA

Wall mountable with reversible decal and wall bracket

180° door access

Lint filter - Inside door opening

Electronic program selector

Anti crease function

Auto sensing control

Thermostat protection

Child lock

LED display

Front vented


Dimensions (mm):

Height 840

Width 595

Depth 550

Weight 33kg

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