Trimmer Accessories Pack

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Brand: Victa
Product Code: Trimmer Accessories Pack

Trimmer Accessories Pack



1x Pole Pruner

- 10" (250mm) blade diameter

- 1.6m operating reach from trigger


1x Edger Attachment

- 10" (250mm) blade diameter

- 1.5" (40mm) maximum cut depth


1x Extension Pole

- Compatible with the Victa Tornado Trimmer (TTB2226), the Victa Tornado Plus Trimmer (TTS2226) and all VTS & VTB Victa Trimmers


1x Hedge Trimmer Attachment

- 20” (505mm) hedger bar length

- 118mm maximum cut diameter

- 110° angle adjustment for convenient cutting


1x Straight Shaft Trimmer

- Powerful 26cc Full Crank 2-Stroke Engine with Soft Start Technology

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