Washer + Dryer Package With Bonus

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Product Code: DE6060M2+WTG8521
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Package Includes-

1x LG 8.5kg WTG8521 Top Load Washing Machine
1x Fisher & Paykel DE6060M2 Sensor Dryer

Washing Machine


8.5kg Top Load Washing Machine with Smart Inverter Control


Inverter technology controls the speed & direction of the motor to provide a quality washing experience, with increased durability and stability with low vibration – that’s why you get a 10 Year Parts Warranty on the Smart Inverter Motor.¹


The LG TurboDrum® mechanism is designed to rotate the drum in one direction while the pulsator directs water the opposite way. This improves the washing action, delivering a brilliant wash.


The beauty of this LG top loader is that it has no agitator. It’s inverter control motor moves the water in the tub to replicate hand washing actions.




The white Fisher & Paykel DE6060M2 has the capacity to dry 6 kg (1kg the weight of one dry towel), which is perfect for households of one or two. A vented dryer is the most affordable type of dryer to buy for those who are on a budget (however running costs are higher), and outside ducting is needed to send the moist air outside via a hose, or the dryer needs to be placed in a really well-ventilated room.

It has 4 types of drying programs, so you can program each load of laundry for the best results. Plus, this white vented dryer has reverse tumbling, delicates, and heavy-duty programs. It features a delayed start setting and a 2 star energy rating.

This white Fisher & Paykel vented dryer is 825mm high, 600mm wide, and 571mm deep, so measure your laundry carefully to ensure it will fit, remembering to leave the space needed for the vent.

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