Single Dog Pen

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Brand: Col Western Sheds
Product Code: Single Dog Pen
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Single Dog Pen - Includes delivery & installation



While the run area in our pens is uncovered, your dogs can relax and take shelter in the pen’s shed, which is included in the pen’s price. 



It is the customer's responsibility to silicone seal the shed to a concrete slab at the base. This should be done with silicone sealant on the inside of the shed only. (DO NOT seal on the outside of the shed). When preparing a concrete slab we recommend that your slab be made at least 100mm bigger than the shed ordered. All CWS products are supplied in pre-fabricated panels and come with instructions, and self-tapping screws for easy D.I.Y. installation. All sheds, etc, must be securely fastened to the ground or slab. Shed sizes are approximate and can vary several millimetres either way.



1x Dog Pen



1.57 x 1.37 x 1.83 m


Col Western Sheds Colour Range

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